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iFax.us offers an IP network-based, flexible, Web-enabled enterprise fax service designed for customers that send or receive a large amount of fax traffic (over 1,000 faxes per month).

fewer than 1,500 faxes per month
ifax.us fax solutions
   Keep your focus on running the business, not managing your fax service!
   iFax is an outsourced fax solution  that helps companies eliminate or significantly reduce further expenditures on fax equipment,  technology, and support staff.
   Expand e-business initiatives to customers, vendors, and other business associates that still need to process paper documents.
Fax Messaging Services
   Inbound Fax
   Outbound Fax
   Fax Reply
   Broadcast Fax
   Custom Fax Solutions
Fax Solutions
   Payroll Time Cards
   Travel Reservations
   HIPAA Secure Fax
   more industries..
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   Fax ROI Calculator

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